Who’s the CLEVEREST strikers you have seen ?

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    Pure movement, instinct, response and positioning…? All-time…? Der Bomber, Gerd Muller.

    Premier League era history? Perhaps Ruud van Nistelrooy.

    (Not as technically gifted as Henry, or possessing the pace of Owen or the strength of Drogba, nor the complete attributes of Ronaldo… but Nistelrooy was the best in-the-box predator.)

    Today in the Prem…?

    There is only one man:


    When everyone saw VVD take a shot at goal the whole of Anfield groaned as the ball ballooned into the heavens. Fans sitting in the Kop hissed in frustration, even Virgil van Dijk turned his back on goal in disgust. Klopp was seen gesticulating into the air, then pounding the floor in anger. Everton’s defenders winked at eachother, thinking they’d secured a point. All of Liverpool’s players looked down and began their walk back to their own half… except one man!


    Probably the most stunning example of predatory instinct and goalscoring reactions we are likely to see this season.


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