What do you think the WWE is missing?

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    WWE has been stale for over 10 years now, with some brief moments of glory every now and then, but I think we can all agree that the product has been on a downhill curve. This thread is for ideas that the WWE should or could do to improve the show. Please no "Vince should die" try to have creative and positive ideas.

    In my opinion, it might sound cliche but I think there should be stables wars, I'm not talking about trios like the shield or new day. I mean like a huge stable of heels causing mayhem, then a stable of face could form itself to combat them, etc. I think it worked in the past and could work today and make the show more interesting. Another idea I have is, remove gimmicked PPVs, I am talking about the Hell in a Cell, Money in the bank, Elimination chamber, TLC, etc. I think those matches should be kept for very rare occasions and on important PPVs, bring back the good old PPV names like Armageddon, Judgement Day, No Way Out, etc. or even Great Balls Of Fire that was…

    What do you think the WWE is missing?


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