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    Ok. I am NOT a football fan.
    I took my Son to watch the England Vs USA Match at Wembley.

    Apparently it was Wayne Rooney’s last match for England.

    He was only on the pitch for 20 minutes, and during that time he ran ONE time.

    For the rest of the time he just stood around the goal.

    What a boring, lazy, selfish way to play football.
    At least most of the other people (on both teams) were making some sort of effort.

    And then I heard some guy on the train talking to his friends about how “Wayne Rooney” has “still got it” !!

    What a joke !
    I guess the fans of him are blinded.

    As someone that has no bias towards any team or player, I can say he was the WORST and LAZIEST and DULLEST player on the entire pitch. and he does not deserve any sort of cheer for his awful performance.

    People may say he ‘almost’ scored. But anyone could have waited 20 minutes by the goal and pathetically kicked a ball towards a net.

    Now I have ONE footballer on my “dislike” list.
    Before, it used to be ‘zero’.


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