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    Assuming, as ever, one of the top teams win the FA Cup then 7th place gets you Europa League. You’d like to see someone get it and have a good go at Europe next season which a middling team hasn’t really done in Europa League since Fulham under Roy Hodgson.

    The standard has been really poor though below the top 6 and nobody seems to want it. Everton were average last season but were miles clear in 7th. This season they’ve been absolutely abysmal all season long yet are somehow in the top half and still in with a good shout. Surely they can’t get 7th again.

    Burnley have done well for what they have but have scored 21 goals in 28 games, have 37 points, haven’t won since the 12th December (it’s March next week) and yet are 7th in the league in a European place, which is crazy really. Surely they won’t finish there.

    Leicester are probably the best of the rest but can’t get any consistency going. I don’t know why they’re still playing with the likes of Matty James in midfield either. They should get there over Burnley if Mahrez can turn it on.

    Beyond that you’re looking at teams who could still go down. It’s crazy to think Brighton are 6 points off a European place, for example.


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