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    so apparently Triple H and Vince both have 2 completely different ideas for the Universal title match at Mania this year and tbh, they both make sense in their own way.

    • So, Triple H’s plan is pretty straight forward. Brock holds the Universal title up until Mania and Rollins then takes it off of him there. Makes a lot of sense, given that Rollins has always been one of Triple H’s guys and rightfully so. Seth’s amazing and he’d definitely put on a great match with Lesnar. Brock has proven that he gels quite well with guys like Punk, Bryan, Styles, so on and so forth.

    • Vince’s plan on the other hand, would be to have Strowman take the title off of Lesnar at the Rumble, so that Drew McIntyre can challenge Strowman for the title at Mania. So Rollins wouldn’t even be a part of anything here, which saddens me because it shows that Vince wouldn’t necessarily consider Rollins to be one of his top babyfaces, even though he’s really found his footing as a good guy over the past year.

    The most interesting thing about all of this for me tho, is the fact that Vince is the one who’d have Lesnar lose the title sooner than Triple H would. Then again, this might just come down to business and given that Vince is a big numbers guy, he probably isn’t too happy with paying Brock these insane amounts of money for his appearances.

    Personally, if this situation between the 2 ideas is actually true, I’m more for Triple H’s approach. It’s more traditional and puts one of the best workers they have against their biggest name in the company.
    McIntyre vs Strowman just lacks certain depth for now. Even though Drew’s been amazing as of late, Braun hasn’t done much recently and neither of them have had a big singles match on a big stage, whereas Rollins and Lesnar just seem like the perfect candidates for it. Not only match quality wise, but also storyline wise.

    What are your guys’ thoughts on both ideas? Are you more for Brock losing the title as soon as possible or would you wait a couple months for, arguably, a bigger pay off?



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