Larger clubs tend to house a higher degree of toxic fans

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    Hey all, first time posting here and it’s something I deal with on almost a daily basis and I’d like to know your thoughts

    So I was reading an article the other day and the title something like (paraphrased)
    ‘wtf is wrong with footie fans of big clubs’

    This piece really gets me in that it’s apparent major clubs house a lot of garbage supporters. I’m not going to specify anything specific here as I don’t want to spark a fire. But I feel the true spirit comes from fans which aren’t left out in having a say and are in the smaller leagues. For those of you reading this that don’t live right next to a pub in England, consider yourselves lucky.

    Yeah hooliganism is in the blood for many but I have reason to believe there’s a solid flaw with the larger the clubs and managing or scaling up their engagement with their fans. Sure they have to handle a larger fan base but i feel like some clubs’ fans need to get their sh*t straight before something happens. There’s enough bloody bum kissing, manager swapping, and and money changing in the games. It’s a fixed match sh*tshow but I can’t drop footie, But I’d much rather stick to smaller clubs.

    How are the larger clubs improving on their reach to their fans honestly? I bloody fear the degradation of our society as these goons multiply.The most I can pull out is some cheeky ai chatbot from arsenal recently. Your fans are the bread and butter, your apples and your pears. Their image reflects the clubs image, and vice versa.

    How would you tame these people? Or at least retain quality fans or something.. It’s an odd question but it’s buggered me enough to find this forum to share about!


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