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    Rollins vs Brock has a good story. There, I said it. That doesn’t mean I’m complimenting WWE’s creative team, I would never do that lol. This match up has great amount of layours and context that I don’t even think wwe have even picked up on yet.

    Of course Seth and Brock have history. Everyone knows what happened at Wrestlemania 31. Seth stole the title and Brock (to this day) has never got he’s revenge. Seth showed Lesnar up.

    A few years later, Brock hasn’t changed much. He has just gotten more dominant and powerful. Beating the likes of Goldberg, Undertaker, AJ, Braun, Bryan, Joe, Balor and of course Roman Reigns (more on him later). The guy is a c u n t. He never shows up and he clearly doesn’t give a fuck.

    Meanwhile Seth has changed so much since 2015. You may think Seth is a bit boring but there is no denying he is one of the best handled wrestlers on the main roster (not saying much). Despite it not being executed that well, Seth has a great character arc. Dare I say it, a very fleshed out character. He went from being a huge corporate sellout betraying he’s brothers for a short cut to glory. He screwed the hard work of Romans climb to the top and unjustly was the one to dethrone the beast. He was successful at the top as he stood behind an army with the king and Queen holding he’s hand.

    Until he got injured and got replaced. He realised he was being used by HHH and felt like he corrupted him. Triple H groomed Seth and took everything that made him Seth Rollins. Triple H vs Rollins at Wrestlemania 33 may have been shit but it had a great story.

    All that lost time being manipulated by the game made Seth want to reunite the shield. All was forgiven and they reunited for a short time. That isn’t important.

    This is where Roman Reigns comes back in. Roman finally fucking did it at Summerslam 2018. He finally beat Lesnar. However due to unfortunate circumstances Brock regained the title. Everything Roman thought against is still happening to this day. Brock still doesn’t show up and he still doesn’t care and is still being disrespectful. This is unjust.

    Seth has undergone redemption the past few years. He has admitted he’s wrong doing and has been fighting the good fight under he’s new motto ‘burn it down’. But he still feels guilty. Theres a reason Ambrose turned against him (the less we talk about that the better). Rollins needs to finish what Roman was fighting for. He’s road to redemption has turned into a road of justice and vengeance. But this time he isn’t going to commit the biggest heist of the century. NO, THIS TIME HE IS GOING TO SLAY THE FUCKING BEAST.

    I don’t give a shit if Rollins isn’t the most charasmatic on the mic and he isn’t stone cold or the rock. He is the perfect opponent for Brock at mania. You tell me who has a better story arc and history with Brock, then Seth. Cuz it definitely isn’t Braun ffs. This story is undeniably great, even if you have to do a bit of brainwork to connect the dots cuz wwe isn’t spelling it out in block capitals on there personified forehead. You tell me a fucking better story then that. Sure it’s not Game Of Thrones bullshit but it does the fucking job.



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