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The Menace Of "Long Legs" For Job Seekers

Yeah I know, it doesn’t only ring a bell, it strikes a chord, we all wish we had long legs or tentacles, then our job hunting days would be over long before it even got started.

I was all jeered up, I knew I was the perfect pitch for the job, I had my sterling qualities all lined up, bullets points well rallied around my achievements as a content writer and copywriter, the finer part of my professional experience was well chronicled in my CV, I took a good look at my CV and give a side smirk, a reassuring nod of how good I am at what I do.

We were ushered into a conference room, generic questions were rolled out, a brief history and bio of the company was relayed out, a company personel was right behind me and in came another, they let out small whispers and what I heard left me helpless,
The Blob employee : "I get Candidate for this post oh and na him we go pick"

The other blob employee: " why u come let them waste time come here"
He waved him aside and said "Choi forget that side"..

Oladejo Mayowa

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