Inter Miami CF vs Atlanta United FC 4/23/2022 Prediction and Match Preview

Miami comes into this match-up versus the Atlanta United FC after winning over New England at 3-2 and Seattle at 1-0 in that order. The Inter Miami CF is in 13

In their recent win, Miami attempted 13 dribbles but completed only 6 at a rate of 46.2% with an 83.5% received passes rate after connecting 318 of their 381 passing targets versus the Seattle Sounders. Inter Miami averaged 1.00 goals per 90 minutes of play and posted 4 assists in all games of the season.

Forward Leonardo Campana from Ecuador is also a top footballer for Miami with 12 goals and one assist recorded in his 1,883 minutes on the field. Campana played as a starter for 17 matches and averaged 0.57 goals per 90 minutes played in the majors.

Dutch GK Nick Marsman (87-55-59) will be defending the net for Inter Miami with 51 shutouts earned for a 25.2% clean sheet rate record. Marsman played for 18,060 minutes with 625 saves and a save percentage of 70.9.

Inter Miami CF vs Atlanta United FC 4/23/2022 Prediction and Match Preview

Inter Miami CF vs Atlanta United FC Predictions 4/23/2022

The Atlanta United FC enter this conference duel with Inter Miami after finishing a draw at 0-0 in their last match versus the FC Cincinnati. Atlanta took 4th place at 3-2-2 in the Eastern Conference after gaining 9 goals but also lost 9 for a goal difference of zero and earned 11 points in the regular season.

The United FC connected 457 of the 518 attempted passes for an 88.2% passing accuracy rate while their dribbling succeeded 13 times out of 21 attempts for a successful dribble percentage of 61.9.

The 5 stripes also attempted 22 shots but converted just 5 shots on target at a rate of 22.7% last game out. The Atlanta United FC achieved 9 goals at 1.29 G/90 and 5 assists at 0.71 per 90 minutes in all their contests played.  

Argentinian Forward Marcelino Moreno powered the offense for Atlanta with 16 goals earned at an average of 0.15 G/90 mins. in his 114 starts in the majors. Moreno dispensed 16 assists after playing for 9,859 minutes played in his pro soccer career.

Another forward from Argentina Thiago Almada led the United FC with 12 goals and 6 assists while receiving 5 yellow card warnings. Almada averages 0.27 G/90 mins. in his 3.928 professional minutes on the field with 39 career starts in MLS.

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