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"I Wasn’t Intrested In Her Until She Said Goodbye"

I met her on Facebook and we moved to whatsapp, she likes everything i like, she’s Caring, ambitious, smart and romantic, she gave me alot of clues that she’s into me like the way she’s always telling me that she believes in me, telling me that her kind of guy has all my qualities, sending kiss emoji, asking if I’ve eaten and all, but all the while she never asked for favors, but i wasn’t romantically intrested in her, i just found her interesting and a great company.

Then suddenly she changed her behavior, she gets angry over little things, she sent me a message one night and i didn’t reply on time then she said I’m giving her attitude, and all my explanations fell on deaf ears, then she finally told me we should stop being friends, i said ok because i didn’t think I’d miss her.

Now i think about her everyday like she’s the air i breathe and its wierd, no matter how i try to be emotionally detached its not working anymore, and this was someone i didn’t have feelings for back then, what do i do about this?

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