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Gracia admits his future still depends on results regardless of new contract

Gracia admits his future still depends on results regardless of new contract

Watford boss Javi Gracia has admitted his new long-term contract does not give him any greater Vicarage Road security.

Gracia signed a new four-and-a-half-year contract at the end of last month, but things have not been going smoothly on the pitch recently with the Hornets having won just two of their last 11 Premier League matches.

Watford have built steadily despite regularly changing their manager, with Gracia replacing Marco Silva in January.

The Hornets will come up against former boss Silva at Everton on Monday, with Gracia conceding his new deal adds no extra safety net.

“In my opinion signing a new contract doesn’t change my day or my mentality,” said Gracia.

“You have to do the same every day with the same attitude, the same effort, and trying to do your best, and try to win the next game.

“That’s the mentality I have with a new contract or without it, it doesn’t change.

“In my opinion, the decision was because the owner, in this case, he thought it would be better for the club and for me to sign a new contract, but my commitment, my effort with the club doesn’t change.

“I’m the same, knowing that as a coach it always depends on the results.”

Gracia expects a tough examination at Everton, with both teams adopting a high-pressing style when out of possession.

But Gracia refused to admit his coaching approach echoes that of Silva.

Asked if the two managers have similar styles, Gracia said: “I prefer you say your opinion; I have my opinion but I prefer that you say your opinion.

“I know it will be a tough game for both teams, I think.

“Because if we play the same as we are doing, I’m sure it will be very demanding for them as well. And then, we’ll see.

“If we are more efficient, if we are able to keep our defensive work, because they have an offensive style of play as well.

“And then we need to be ready to defend like we are doing, then to create the same chances we have in other game, and try to be more efficient.”

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